Know Jesus Better. Follow Him More Closely.

We know Jesus changes people because we have been changed. We've created these weekly resources to help you experience it, too.

Jesus Changes People - The Podcast

This is a weekly podcast that seeks to uncover the real Jesus and what it means to be a modern-day follower of him. Hosted by Pastors Ken Hensley and Mike Roncaglia, we are exploring the Gospel of John and how it applies to following Jesus. Each week we dive into different parts of Jesus’ life and his teachings, answer your questions, and even share a little Bible trivia. Our goal is to help you know Jesus better and to become more like him.

Weekly Study Guide

Weekly Bible Reading

Scripture reading based on our weekend teaching.

Reflection Questions

Simple questions to help you think through what you're reading.

Pray 52

For 52 days, we will be praying together on the same topics.

Next Steps

One or two action steps you can take to build better spiritual habits.